What is cellaring?

Cellaring is the term used for storing tobacco long-term. This can be for 6 months or even over 10 years. The art of cellaring tobacco is simple and the results, when done right, can be very rewarding.

How to Start Cellaring Tobacco

Some people are fine with cellaring their tobacco in the tins they come in. Others will transfer their tobacco to mason jars. This site was created for the mason jar crowd.

When choosing the size of mason jar you want to use, there are a few things to consider.

  1. Widemouth jars are easier to load your pipe out of. When you decide to open up a jar from your cellar to smoke, this will come in handy.
  2. Take the oz of jar and divide it by 4. That’s roughly how many oz of tobacco you can store in it. Example: an 8oz jar will hold 2oz of tobacco. This will different depending on the type of cut. More flake can be put in a jar than ribbon cut for example.
  3. If you have several oz of a blend consider storing it in multiple 8oz jars. Once you’ve had some age on your tobacco, opening one small jar at a time will allow the others to continue aging. Every time you open the lid the aging stops.

Buying new jars ensures that the jars are as clean as possible. There is no need to wash them when bought new. If you have a canning section at your local store, consider getting a canning funnel as well. This isn’t required, but it will cut down on the mess when transferring tobacco to jars. If you have a kitchen scale handy use it to measure your oz’s and record the informant on the jar.

Here are the steps to cellaring your first jar of tobacco:

  1. Place your empty jar on a kitchen scale and zero it out.
  2. Use your funnel to fill the jar with tobacco. Use the rule mentioned above to determine how much to put in each jar. (2oz in an 8oz jar). You will need to pack the tobacco down a little bit to fit 2oz. If you find yourself really jamming it in there, consider cellaring less per jar.
  3. Make sure the rim of the jar is clear of tobacco before placing the lid on top. Tighten the band until the it’s as tight as you can get it. The rubber band in the lid will create an airtight seal.
  4. Download and print the labels needed for your lids. Either on the labels or on tape on the side of the jar, write the date you jarred the tobacco. If the tin you are transferring from already has some age on it, include that information as well.
  5. Scoop up any of the tobacco that didn’t make it into the jar and enjoy a bowl!


Using Cellar Labels

First visit our Printing Template page and download the template that works for you. Then use the custom label template to make labels for your jars. All the setup details are explained in the template download.

Want to use labels that others have made for blends? Join the International Cellar Club and get access to hundreds of labels made custom for mason jar lids. Best of all, it’s free to join and use!

Cellaring Tobacco