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A collection of tobacco stored together with the intention of aging long-term or set aside until ready to use. Tobacco can be stored in a variety of ways including, but not limited to mason jars, mylar bags, and unopened tins. Cellaring is the term used for storing tobacco long-term. This can be for 6 months or even over 10 years. The art of cellaring tobacco is simple and the results, when done right, can be very rewarding.

Some only consider tobacco that is sealed or jarred for later use as their cellar. Others may include open tins that they are currently smoking out of as part of their cellar.

Size doesn’t matter. As long as at least one tin is being set aside for storage, the collection may be considered a cellar.

Cellars come in all shapes and can be found in all sorts of locations. A couple of examples are tins in a plastic tote in a closet or a cabinet with tobacco and a pipe collection.

At cellar labels we advocate for storing opened tobaccos in mason jars and adding tin artwork to the lid. Unopened tins can be sealed in mylar bags for extra protection.

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